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"Our aim is to provide a politically impartial forum in Bosnia and Herzegovina in
which people and institutions will debate and work for the promotion of
democratic, open and transparent elections."






AEOBIH activities


Dear Members of the Association of Election Officials in BiH (AEOBIH),
Since 1999, AEOBIH has been conducting many activities related to fields such as democracy and elections achieving notable results. These programs included training of election boards members, then education and information of the voters, education of the members of the municipal election commissions, political parties and NGOs in regard to different aspects of the Law on Elections in BiH and Election Procedures.
Our main goal is to provide independent forum for exchange of information among election officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as to improve democracy in BiH by securing integrity and trust of the voters in the election process. We sincerely hope that we will be able to proceed with our activities according to our aims this year.
Taking into consideration the very difficult financial situation in which Association is the AEOBIH Steering Board made a decision at the end of 2011, as one of the first steps to secure the Association's self-sustainability, to increase membership fee for regular members in the amount of 30 KM per year and 15 KM for associated members. Therefore, we kindly ask you to execute payments of the back fees as well as those from 2012, otherwise the Secretariat will be forced to cease its work.
We would like to thank you for your understanding as well as to kindly remind you that regular payment of your membership fees is of utmost importance for us and make our work to continue in undisturbed way. Also, we would like to remind you that you are entitled to utilize the internet in our office as well as library consisting 432 titles, then Official Gazettes dated until 2010, AEOBiH web site including all publications published up to now such as (“Code of Conduct for Polling Station Committee members and their Deputies”, “Youth for Youth”, “First Time Voter”, Elections 2010 – Lessons Learned”, “Rule book on Law on Conflict of Interest, “Money and Politics”, and others). In addition, we can write you a Letter of recommendation, engage you in different projects and offer you a support in any other way if needed.
All your suggestions related to Association' self-sustainability is more than welcome. You can see the copy of the bank transfer order here.

Članovi Udruženja koji su uplatili članarinu za 2015. godinu
Milan Zjajić
Esma Kukuruzović
Zvjezdana Dragović
Ernes Jusović
Anela Čavdar
Larisa Avdić




Ermin Kos
Siniša Bencun
Adis Palo
Mejrema Pašić
Emina Rovčanin
Gordana Pečanac        

The Association of Election Officials in BiH (AEOBiH) was established in 1999 under the auspices of OSCE. In the beginning of 2000 AEOBiH became independent of OSCE. AEOBiH has a close working relationship with OSCE. The US-based International Foundation of Election Systems (IFES) provided professional expertise to AEOBiH until March 2003. Since March 2003, AEOBiH acts as independent nongovernmental organization.

The AEOBiH Secretariat is based in Sarajevo and has six employees. AEOBiH has established a structure that includes a Stearing Board (13 members) and Regional Boards (Banja Luka, Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar). The Stearing Board and the Regional Boards are involved in planning as well as implementing activities. Two AEOBiH committees (Information Committee and Education Committee) are also involved in planning and implementing activities. The AEOBiH secretariat conducts systematic and frequent consultations with all members of the association (conferences, seminars and individual consultations) to continue building an active membership base.

The aim of the Association shall be:

to provide a politically impartial forum in Bosnia and Herzegovina which shall serve as a means of exchange of information between governmental bodies, in order to debate and work for the promotion of democratic, open and transparent elections.

Programme objectives of the association are:

  1. To organize activities for the advancement of the electoral system, monitor comparative electoral systems in democratic countries and the submission of initiatives to the legislative authorities.
  2. To raise the professionalism of election officials so as to advance the activities of holding of elections (education of participants in the electoral process).
  3. To promote open and transparent elections by means of exchange of experiences and information relating to electoral laws and procedures, technology, administrative practice and education of voters.
  4. To promote the principles of independence and freedom in order to end the coercion of electoral commissions and their members.
  5. To raise the level awareness of election officials with the highest degree of integrity, a sense of public service, knowledge of electoral processes, experience in the election process and dedication to the principles of democratic elections.
  6. To promote the principles of participation in the electoral process by citizens, political parties and candidates, together with politically independent civic organisations.
  7. To advance electoral information and research relating to elections, in order to promote public confidence in the electoral process and election results.
  8. To Develop civic education programmes designed to promote greater participation by citizens in election.