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Uma Isić

Vice President

Uma Isić holds a master degree in journalism. She was awarded bronze medallion for being one of the best officers of local administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2004. Uma is also certified trainer for the following fields: public relations, project proposals methodology, human resources management, election systems, local economic development, code of conduct and work of state officials, strategic planning, work of school boards, fundraising, reengineering of business processes etc. She has been AEOBiH member since its establishment in 1999. She performed activities for MEC Maglaj from 1999 until 2006.

Gojko Anić

Vice President

Gojko Anić lives and works in Mostar where he completed Law Faculty. Mr. Anić worked as the President of the Municipal Magistrate Court for 14 years. Currently, he works in public enterprise JP Elektroprivreda HZ HB d.d. (electrical power industry) Mostar.

As a member of the AEOBiH since its establishment, he has performed various functions, from 2002 to 2004 he was the President of the Steering Board and on September 26, 2008 he is reelected. Since the beginning of multiparty elections in BiH, he has been permanent member of the Election Commission of the municipality Mostar Zapad, and later on City Mostar.

Nada Batinar


Nada Batinar is Manager of the public administration, active in the election process since 1998. She is member of the City Election Commission Banja Luka, and member of the AEOBiH since 2000. Nada completed Election course. Also she is active participant and coordinator for couple of AEOBih projects for the branch Banja Luka. 

Nada Đurić

Ms. Đuric holds a BA degree in law. She has been a member of MEC Derventa since 1996 and a member of the AEOBiH since its inception.


Irvana Hajdarović

Irvana Hajdarović completed Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. She lives and works in Stolac in the police department.  She has been involved in the election activities since 1990. In September 1996 she was appointed for the secretary of MEC Stolac and she is now member of the commission.  She attended all kinds of education organized by the Central Election Commission of BiH. She is regular AEOBiH member from its establishment, member of the AEOBiH Assembly, and she was the member of the Information Committee. She is now appointed President of the Regional branch Mostar.

Dragutin Ivanović

Dragutin Ivanović from Orašje has been the President of the Municipal Misdemeanour Court since 1993. He is the member of the working group for drafting the BiH Law on misdemeanours, and the member of MEC Orašje. He is an active AEOBiH member and he is engaged in the implementation of the projects regarding human rights.

Sadeta Muhić

Sadeta Muhić from Sanski Most holds a BA degree in law. She worked as the judge from 1997 until the end of 2000 at the Municipal Misdemeanor Court and she was the President of Misdemeanor Court Sanski Most from 2000 until 01.12.2006.

She has been the President of MEC Sanski Most since 2006.

Nedim Muhić

Nedim Muhić, lawyer, worked as the magistrate judge at the Municipal Court Stari Grad Sarajevo. He was member of MEC Stari Grad Sarajevo from 1996 until 1998. In 2001 he has been appointed president of that Commission. In 2005, he published work “Elections in the light of criminal legislature in BiH” and in 2006 he was co-author of the Manual for the work of Polling Station Committees.

Mejrema Pašić

Mejrema Pašic, from Sarajevo, lawyer who has been working for 36 years in the public service in municipalities Novo Sarajevo and Centar Sarajevo. Since 1990, Mrs. Pašic has been involved in the election activities as the member of MEC in the municipality Centar Sarajevo. She successfully completed Election Course.

Gordana Pećanac

Gordana Pecanac, lawyer from Sarajevo, working in the municipality Novo Sarajevo as the chief of the municipality mayor's office. She has been very active member of the Association since its establishment. She was the President of the AEOBiH Education Committee, member of the International Committee and member of the Media Group. Mrs. Pecanac completed series of courses: Election course, Media course, Conflict Resolution Course, Course on strategic planning, municipal management, etc. She is now cashier of the Steering Board.

Branislav Radinović

Branislav Radinović completed Faculty of Law in Banja Luka. He works in the municipality Gradiška since 1987, and he has been the member of the Municipal Election Commission in Gradiška since the first multiparty elections in BiH in 1990. 

He was member of the AEOBiH Inaugural Assembly, Presidency, Legal Council, Vice President of the regional board Banja Luka. Mr. Radinović completed courses on election systems, voter education and media relations.

Marko Raguž

Marko Raguž, lawyer from Stolac was the member of the International committee and President of the AEOBiH Court of Honor. Mr. Raguž is the member of the AEOBiH Legal Council, and the President of MEC Stolac since 1996. He has worked as the President of the Municipal Court in Stolac for many years, and completed a series of courses organized by the AEOBiH such as the Election course and Conflict Resolution Course. Also, Mr. Raguž used to be the trainer of Polling Station Committees.

Predrag Šupljeglav

Predrag Šupljeglav is lawyer working in Mostar City Government as the Head of Department for organization, legal acts and general administration.  

He has experience in the elections since before the war as the member of the Polling Station Committee for conduct of delegates’ elections. He has been member of the first unique Election Commission of the city of Mostar. Predrag is member of the AEOBiH since 2002. He participates actively in the work as the member of the Assembly and Vice President of the Regional branch Mostar. He’s been elected for the Steering Board member in 2008, and at the first session of the Steering Board for the secretary of the SB.