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The aim of the Association shall be:

to provide a politically impartial forum in Bosnia and Herzegovina which shall serve as a means of exchange of information between governmental bodies, in order to debate and work for the promotion of democratic, open and transparent elections.

Programme objectives of the association are:

  1. To organize activities for the advancement of the electoral system, monitor comparative electoral systems in democratic countries and the submission of initiatives to the legislative authorities.
  2. To raise the professionalism of election officials so as to advance the activities of holding of elections (education of participants in the electoral process).
  3. To promote open and transparent elections by means of exchange of experiences and information relating to electoral laws and procedures, technology, administrative practice and education of voters.
  4. To promote the principles of independence and freedom in order to end the coercion of electoral commissions and their members.
  5. To raise the level awareness of election officials with the highest degree of integrity, a sense of public service, knowledge of electoral processes, experience in the election process and dedication to the principles of democratic elections.
  6. To promote the principles of participation in the electoral process by citizens, political parties and candidates, together with politically independent civic organisations.
  7. To advance electoral information and research relating to elections, in order to promote public confidence in the electoral process and election results.
  8. To Develop civic education programmes designed to promote greater participation by citizens in election.